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China International Elevator Exhibition is sponsored by China Elevator Association. It is one of the largest and most influential events in the world. It previously has been successfully held ten sessions. It is the second time China International Elevator Exhibition was held in Guangzhou. YUNGTAY Elevator Equipment (China) Co., Ltd.and Shanghai GIE EM Co., Ltd. participated in the event.248cc永利集团官网

With "safety", "safety experience", "Create humanized transport" as the core themes, YUNGTAY showed the latest achievements in technology, research and development, service and etc.永利com402

YUNGTAY specially made a high 8 meters self-rescue demonstration model for the exhibition. The action of brake, threshold, buffer is recorded by HD camera and slowly replayed on the large LED screen, so that visitors can be more clearly observed the  simulations of elevator slipping and the movement of brake. Vistors could realize the importance of “brake force detection” and “slipping self-rescue” patents. 

In addition to the demonstration of safety patents, YUNGTAY also exhibited NEURAL intelligent management system. Through touching and swiping the card, visitors could experience YUNGTAY NEURAL group control technology. At YUNGTAY cloud media exhibition, visitors can do interactive operation. Also, YUNGTAY maintenance tools were exhibited at the original maintenance area.

In addition, YUNGTAY wireless remote alarm (IOT) system, energy-saving and environmental protection, modernization areas, showed all the latest achievements in IOT, green and value-added services.

In terms of interaction, YUNGTAY "slipping self-rescue safety experience", "safety passports", "quiz" and other activities became a major bright spot.www.yl26.com

As control and energy-saving experts, GIE exhibited the advanced permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, variable frequency control system, four-quadrant energy regenerative drive system, integrated controllers and other industry-leading technologies and products to the world in the exhibition. www.7763.com

During the four-day exhibition, YUNGTAY exhibited the stylish exhibition booth design, rich and diverse contents, exciting interactive activities as well as all staff full of spirit to the world. Let us look forward to the next excitement!248cc永利集团官网


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